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DCAM Corporate Advisory Services (CAS), are typically provided in conjunction or complementation of the WMC, focuses on the Client business or Family Owned Company, in terms of finding finance-related solutions and Capital restructuring.

CAS include but is not limited to the following:

  • Advising on the capital employed and/or contingent liabilities relating to the Client Business Assets, including their dividend generation and/or value creation potential.
  • Assessing the existing financing options in relation to the Client Business Assets and whether better arrangements can be put in place to optimize the capital structure.
  • Capital raising.
  • Advising on the valuation of the Client Business Assets and exit strategy considerations.

WMC / CAS Team:

Emile E. Chammas – Managing Partner & Chief Investment Office

Roland Berry – Financial Controller

Mohamed Barrage – CFA

Nicolas Kahale – Partner